About Us

Mr. Dawre Imtiyaz,  is a great Motivating Guru and one of the youngest, International Experience trainer, D. M. I. T Certified and Educational Counselor in India. He is also Memory trainer, Personal & Financial Breakthrough Coach.  He is known for his interactive, unconventional, experiential training methods.His contributions towards the Indian community. His training's have produced life transforming results. He has trained thousands of people and has brought positive changes in there Life.  He has totally revolutionized the way training programs are conducted in multinational corporate by incorporating spiritual and scientific principles of achievement. The young Generation like him very much and getting inspired from him. He is taking so many Free Program to School's, Collage's and in Societies.
“You may not be able to change the whole world, but you can surely change the whole world of one person”

Join us in our Mission 

Mission (Core Purpose)
Exclusive Change of our Emerging Generation

 and to take out  them from Limited Circle of 
Thinking  through Life-Transforming training
we can do it.....

 To Create a stress free society of India by empowering
 parents and Educators to Identify the Hidden Potential
 of children and students by assessment of their 
Multiple Intelligence for Remarkable Success and 
Happiness of Generation to Generation.
we can do it.....

Core Values:

  • Making & keeping commitments
  • Achieving success through smart work.
  • Motivating individuals to help them to achieve their goals
  • Keeping Honesty & Integrity, Passion, Ethics in everything we do, go for the extra mile, Respect for people.

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